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Starting on April 22, 2022: ​

The number of COVID-19 cases is now low and manageable from a world public health point of view. The vaccination campaign in Portugal proved effective and progressed fast, and, above all, people's respect and perseverance showed how we could endure the unimaginable. From today, the following changes apply: 

  • Mask usage is now only mandatory in public spaces with especially vulnerable people,e.g., health facilities, elderly homes, integrated health care units, and spaces with big crowds, such as public transport

  • The passenger locator form is also revoked, and COVID-19 testing rules are no longer mandated (by law)

  • COVID-19 recovery or full vaccination with reinforcement dose certificates are no longer required to visit retirement homes or hospitalized patients in health care facilities

  • Mask usage indoors where it is currently required

Image by Yohann LIBOT


EU COVID DIGITAL certificate

It is mandatory to present EU COVID Digital Certificate in:

  • Travel by air or sea

Mandatory use
of mask

It is mandatory to use a mask:

  • In public transport (including air transport and taxis)

  • Residential structures for the elderly

  • Health establishments and services

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 22.18.30.png
  • CAMPUS OPENING HOURS: The campus is open 24/7, closing only for Christmas, New Year's Day, and May 1st.

  • CAMPUS ACCESS: The campus is accessible to everyone.

  • USE OF MASK: Using a mask is no longer mandatory.

  • STUDY SPACES: In the Teresa & Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library, capacity and the opening hours are back to normal.

  • EVENTS: The process for events' approval remains unchanged.

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