Starting in October 1st, 2021: ​

  • Restaurants with no maximum limit of people per group.

  • End of requirement for digital certificate or negative test for access to restaurants.

  • End of timetable restrictions.

  • End of capacity limits, namely in local commerce establishments, in weddings and baptisms and in cultural shows.

  • Opening of bars and clubs.

  • End of limitation on the sale and consumption of alcohol.

Image by Yohann LIBOT


EU COVID DIGITAL certificate

It is mandatory to present EU COVID Digital Certificate in:

  • Major cultural and sporting events (check the event website for more info)

  • Bars and clubs

  • Visits to health facilities

  • Travel by air or sea

Mandatory use
of mask

It is mandatory to use a mask:

  • In public transport (including air transport and taxis)

  • Concert halls and events

  • Large commercial surfaces

  • Residential structures for the elderly

  • Health establishments and services

The use of a face mask outdoors is no longer mandatory.

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1. MASK UP: Always wear a clean and dry mask on-campus.

2. SANITIZE: Clean any surface before and after you use it.

3. DISTANCE: Always maintain a safe distance and limit gatherings to a maximum of 5 people​.

4. DISPLAY: Always visibly display your Nova SBE card.

5. REPORT: Notify the respective office in case of a suspected case.

  • CAMPUS OPENING HOURS: The campus is open 24/7, closing only for Christmas, New Year's Day, and May 1st.

  • CAMPUS ACCESS: The campus remains exclusive to the Nova SBE community, and it's mandatory to display your Nova SBE card at all times.

  • USE OF MASK: Using a mask or a face shield is mandatory indoors (as per government rules). The use of masks outdoors is no longer mandatory.

  • STUDY SPACES: In the Teresa & Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library, capacity restrictions will be eased and the opening hours extended.

  • EVENTS: The process for events' approval remains unchanged. Participants will be asked to present COVID-19 certificates to access specific events.