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Corvinus University of Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Corvinus University is Hungary’s most eminent educational institution in the fields of Economic, Management and Social Sciences. University-level education, just as in the most advanced countries of the world, started in Budapest in the1920s at the autonomous Economics Faculty of the Hungarian Royal University of Science and the development has never stopped since this moment.

Corvinus stands for quality and opportunities, for state-of-the art and useful knowledge, for extensive social capital, for career opportunities, for life-long friendships and community. The institutional objective is fairly ambitious: to turn into an international university, to become one of the leading institutions of Central Europe in the field of economic, management and social sciences by 2030.


Fővám tér 8., Budapest, Hungary


student feedback




  • Previous students rated the university a 2 out of 5 

  • Previous students rated the courses difficulty to be low compared to Nova. 

  • Previous students rated the Business Project difficulty to be moderate. 

  • Andreia (Spring 2013): The business project was well organized, the classes were mixed - some nice and interesting, some a bit irrelevant. Not many courses to choose from in English. Most were in Hungarian. The university is amazing and beautiful at the river.

  • Florian (Spring 2018): There was maybe 1-2 unpopular business projects, the rest was all from exciting companies on exciting problems. Good mix of consulting (McK, MasterCard, Deloitte) and industry (PG)



  • Previous students rated the workload to be light.

  • Andreia (Spring 2013): Great for an Erasmus semester.

  • Florian (Spring 2018): McK and MasterCard BP high workload (+20 hours per week). CEMS Classes were not demanding at all and focussed a lot on group work, guest speakers in class and group discussions. One hears that Corvinus classes are overly academic and very hard outside of CEMS (if that is of desire to certain students). Corvinus has an amazing language center where 1 course can be taken for free extra, and the second course only costs approx. 100€ for the entire semester which was an awesome deal.



  • Previous students rated the city life to be amazing

  • Previous students rated the nightlife to be amazing

  • Andreia (Spring 2013): Amazing. The city is cheap meaning that a student can live the life in the city fully without worrying to not have enough money. The city has many internationals and is very vibrant with many events and activities for students.

  • Florian (Spring 2018): Amazing city, everyone knows. Dont forget to take a trip to taste wines at Balaton, watch a Hungarian Waterpolo game and rent a car to do a road trip through the rest of the country (incl. testing the very local spas)



  • Previous students said the CEMS cohort had around 40 students. 

  • Previous students rated the CEMS community to be good.

  • Previous students rated the CEMS Office to be amazing.

  • Andreia (Spring 2013): There aren't many international CEMS students but there are a lot of other international students to hang out with.

  • Florian (Spring 2018): Very strong CEMS club. Locals are open to hangout with "new strangers" after class I perceived. Travelled to Greece together with CEMSies which was also amazing.



  • Previous students said it was easy to find accommodation. 

  • Andreia (Spring 2013): Accessible. Not difficult to find something.

  • Florian (Spring 2018): Can be a bit tricky with scams. But obviously never pay before seeing the place physically. I had personal connections to Germans studying medicine at Semelweis university so that might be a facebook source of finding housing as well.


PRIce of one beer

  • Previous students said that living costs were lower compared to Lisbon.

  • Andreia (Spring 2013): Costs are low and accessible for students. Beer is about 60 cents.

  • Florian (Spring 2018): From 0,50€ in Morrissons to around 4-5€ on 360 bar (rooftop)


Andreia (Spring 2013)

Experience of a lifetime. I recommend.

Florian (Spring 2018)

Would do it again!

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