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of Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

The UCT GSB has, over the past 50 years, charted its own, distinctly African, path. Since opening its doors in 1964 with the first class of 17 part-time MBA students, it has set the pace for business education on the continent. The school is one of just 90 global business schools to be triple-crown accredited with quality endorsements from three leading global bodies: AACSB; EQUIS and AMBA. Its world-class faculty are thought leaders and research luminaries. They offer transformative learning experiences that equip tomorrow’s leaders to run sustainable organisations and find solutions to the challenges that we collectively face. A rich eco-system of teaching, learning and research at the UCT GSB is directed towards building a more economically prosperous, more equitable, and more integrated continent. They believe in turning innovative ideas into relevant solutions for emerging market problems and make sure that our graduates have the skills and business acumen to lead with integrity and drive change.


9 Portswood Road, Cape Town, South Africa


student feedback




  • Matteo (Spring 2022): Most electives are structured in week-long classes meaning you will have them all-day from Monday to Friday. Courses are more hands-on and they expect you to interact with the professor. In general I would say the workload is lower than at Nova SBE and it's nice to change perspectives and see business problems from a non-western country standpoint.



  • Matteo (Spring 2022): Workload is lower than at Nova SBE, approx 20h per week.



  • Matteo (Spring 2022): City life is nice with a lot of events taking place throughout the semester. You'll go to different beaches, concerts and wine tours, but keep in mind that you'll always do so by using Uber. You'll loose a bit of freedom in the sense that you can't just roam the streets searching for a nice bar.



  • Matteo (Spring 2022): Your experience here will probably be different as we are the first cohort with no local cemsies at the moment. From this year onwards the cohort will grow substantially (from 14 now to approx. 30) and local cemsies will join as well. But as you can imagine, cemsies are great everywhere.



  • Matteo (Spring 2022): Housing can be affordable or expensive, depends on what standard you go for. However, you can find something pretty nice around 450-650€ a month. Spend the extra buck to live in one of the nicer areas.


PRIce of one beer

  • Matteo (Spring 2022): Living costs are slightly lower than in Lisbon. Price of one large beer is around 2-4€, depending on where you are and you can get a nice meal for 5-8€ at a food market or take away. Living costs should add up to 400€ (depending on how many events you participate in, if you go to wineries every other day of the week then it's going to be higher).


Matteo (Spring 2022)

Breathtaking nature, endless views and relaxed and happy people, which sometimes want to look to closely at your posessions.

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