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Keio University

Tokyo, Japan

Keio has a proud history as Japan's very first private institution of higher learning, which dates back to the formation of a school for Dutch studies in 1858 in Edo (now Tokyo) by founder Yukichi Fukuzawa. Since the school's inception, the students of Keio have risen to the forefront of innovation in every imaginable academic field, emerging as social and economic leaders.


2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


student feedback




  • Erika (Spring 2019): I recommend Daimler Fuso BP, Entrepreneurship, Global Business Strategy and Responsible Leadership.

  • Manuel (Spring 2018): Classes are easy peanuts. Business project was interesting from a cultural way of doing business point of view.

  • Pascal (Spring 2015): Easy and low-value classes, very good and challenging business projects.



  • Erika (Spring 2019): BP - quite a lot, the rest very relaxed.

  • Manuel (Spring 2018): Minimal

  • Pascal (Spring 2015): Low for classes, high for business projects.



  • Erika (Spring 2019): Amazing culture and food, but quite expensive.

  • Manuel (Spring 2018): Amazing

  • Pascal (Spring 2015): Great.



  • Erika (Spring 2019): Small group of 13 people but we got really close and did everything together. Multiple trips, international dinners and running cocktails.

  • Manuel (Spring 2018): More intimate, its the smallest CEMS cohort.

  • Pascal (Spring 2015): Non-existent due to exchange students only (low numbers of exchange students, no local CEMS students).



  • Erika (Spring 2019): Shimoda student door - was good although quite far from the city center.

  • Manuel (Spring 2018): Keio provides dorms, otherwise its super expensive in Tokyo

  • Pascal (Spring 2015): Good and easy student dorm, great value for money. Living costs incl. government scholarship (90% guaranteed) 500€/month, excl. Scholarship 1100€/month.


PRIce of one beer

  • Erika (Spring 2019): Food and drinks relatively cheap, one beer 5 euros - but transportation was insanely expensive (150-200 euros a month) and also traveling within the country.

  • Manuel (Spring 2018): Living costs are expensive, but Japanese government gives u a scholarship that its twice the amount of Erasmus+, so it covers a lot

  • Pascal (Spring 2015): One beer is ~3€ in a bar, 1€ im the supermarket.


Manuel (Spring 2018)

Pascal (Spring 2015)

Great choice if you love Japan and care less about academics, especially if you stay longer than the semester. Be prepared to have little to no interaction with other students, no student parties etc., it's all self-organized or just the regular Tokyo city life. Can be expensive depending on your lifestyle and amount of travel.

Erika (Spring 2019)

Incredible experience if your focus is travel and cultural discovery over having a great in-class experience

Amazing experience culturally - great city, lots of activities, beautiful nature, great food, very different to Europe, good BP, nice school - would 10/10 recommend!

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