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Louvain School of Management

With campuses in Louvain-la-Neuve and FUCaM Mons, the Louvain School of Management is proud to be part of a historic research university of high global standing and humane values, forming responsible leaders who care about people and places, who put human values at the center of the enterprise. Accredited since 2006 by EQUIS, the leading Quality Improvement System for Business Schools, the Louvain School of Management is also the exclusive Belgian partner to offer the prestigious and internationally recognised CEMS Master's in International Management.

Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium


Place des Doyens, 1, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium


student feedback




  • Previous students rated the courses difficulty to be high compared to Nova.

  • Valentina (Spring 2017): Content fairly interesting. However: non-cems classes are very chaotic, large classes. Grading of business project not always transparent

  • Teresa (Fall 2014): Great academics, I remember in particular an innovation strategy class that was very insightful.



  • Previous students rated the workload to be light.

  • Valentina (Spring 2017): Fair

  • Teresa (Fall 2014): Good balance, some demanding group works, Finance study, but aside from that it allowed us to take full advantage of living abroad.



  • Previous students rated the city life to be bad.

  • Previous students rated the nightlife to be ok.

  • Valentina (Spring 2017): I would recommend to live in Brussels (only 40 min train from LLN)

  • Teresa (Fall 2014): Best I could ask for. Louvain is a synthetic city made especially for the university, meaning that it has a very young vibe, no cars driving around, everything is close by, and it is in the center of Belgium so you're one train away from anywhere in Europe.



  • Previous students said the CEMS cohort had around 50 students. 

  • Previous students rated the CEMS community to be ok.

  • Previous students rated the CEMS Office to be ok.

  • Valentina (Spring 2017): The CEMS Club was doing some effort. Nothing in comparison to Lisbon tho ;)

  • (Fall 2014): I loved it. It was a while ago but I remember the seminars and the events we had were great for networking and knowing more about our fellow CEMSies.



  • Previous students said it was very easy to find accommodation.

  • Valentina (Spring 2017): Found housing via Facebook in Brussels

  • Teresa (Fall 2014): Not the best, I found a very nice studio in the center, but because it is a student city (with a lot of undergrads) most places don't have the best conditions.


PRIce of one beer

  • Previous students said that living costs were similar to Lisbon. 

  • Valentina (Spring 2017): Really depends - LLN quite cheap but BXL more expensive

  • Teresa (Fall 2014): Very reasonable for Europe in general, I think we would pay 4 to 6 euros for a beer (a Belgian beer that is).


Valentina (Spring 2017)

My expectations were low but actually had quite some fun. But it wasnt easy to get close to the home students

Teresa (Fall 2014)

Louvain la Neuve is the perfect place to live for a semester, getting to truly know a new city and managing to travel around Europe.

Anonymous (Fall 2022)

The people there made the experience, but the university is not great and they never give any grades until the last exam is over. Belgium is in the heart of Europe so for that it’s worth it. CEMSies are all put together in the same building (CEMS House) and create a community! 

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