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Barcelona, Spain

Founded in 1958, Esade is a global academic institution known for the quality of its education, its international outlook, and its focus on holistic personal development. Esade’s mission is to educate and conduct research in order to train competent and socially responsible professionals, improve organisations and society through knowledge creation, and contribute to social debate in order to build free, prosperous and fair societies.

With campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, Esade applies a unique and innovative learning model based on the internalization of values and the development of professional and executive competences. Each year, more than 10,000 students participate in programmes organised by three academic units: Esade Business School, Esade Law School and Executive Education.


Av. Torreblanca, 59,

Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain


student feedback




  • Previous students rated the university a 5 out of 5 

  • Previous students rated the courses difficulty to be low compared to Nova. 

  • Simon (Fall 2019): Fairly easy. Spanish class was the most intensive class I had

  • Salvador (Fall 2017): Strong classes with very good professors, great group projects



  • Previous students rated the workload to be very light.

  • Simon (Fall 2019): 30h per week

  • Salvador (Fall 2017): Balanced



  • Previous students rated the city life to be amazing.

  • Previous students rated the nightlife to be amazing.

  • Simon (Fall 2019): Absolutely amazing!

  • Salvador (Fall 2017): Amazing life in Barcelona with lots of tourist stuff to do as well as an ability to immerse in the life of the city



  • Previous students said the CEMS cohort had around +100 students. 

  • Previous students rated the CEMS community to be amazing.

  • Previous students rated the CEMS Office to be good.

  • Simon (Fall 2019): Very active CEMS life. A couple of events per week, roughly (whereas some of those were informal)

  • Salvador (Fall 2017): Very good cems club, lots of activities organized



  • Previous students said it was hard to find accommodation. 

  • Simon (Fall 2019): I was staying at Big Flat Barcelona, close to Placa Catalunya. Highly recommended!

  • Salvador (Fall 2017): Didn’t stay in the nicest area in the city (la Rambla) but very central


PRIce of one beer

  • Previous students said that living costs were similar compared to Lisbon. 

  • Simon (Fall 2019): 600€ for flat, 500€ everything else. One beer: roughly 4€

  • Salvador (Fall 2017): 2-3€ for a beer, room for c.900€, meals and everything else very similar to Lisbon


Simon (Fall 2019)

Outstanding combination of studying at a good university while having a great life! Highly recommended.

Salvador (Fall 2017)

Great place to do the CEMS exchange

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