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The American University in Cairo School of Business

New Cairo, Egypt

Boasting an unrivaled reputation as the top private business school in Egypt and one of the best in Africa and the Arab world, the AUC School of Business is dedicated to transforming the young eager minds of today to the responsible change agents of tomorrow, all while developing relevance and leadership in an evolving ecosystem. Situated within the top private university in Egypt and enjoying nearly seven decades' worth of history, the School offers a wide range of programs that extend beyond the classroom to provide a holistic and engaging learning experience. The School’s foremost accomplishment is a seal of excellence achieved through the Triple Crown accreditation – placing the School among the top 1 percent of educational institutions worldwide to achieve the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) accreditations. The School’s executive education programs are also recognized by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) accreditation.


AUC Avenue P.O. Box 74, New Cairo, Egypt


student feedback




  • Previous students rated the university a 5 out of 5 

  • Previous students rated the courses difficulty to be similar to Nova. 

  • João (Spring 2022): AUC offers a wide variety of courses both in management/economics and other areas such as public policy, sustainability, anthropology, etc. (however they always have to be validated by IPSO). I’m taking Global Leadership, Globalization and Development (highly recommend) and the Business Project class. For the Business Project there are not many options in terms of corporate partners, so any connections you may have in other companies are highly appreciated. Moreover, get ready to work with high degrees of independence and minor input from the professor. The companies however are always ready to meet on a weekly basis and as long as you do your preparation everything will work smoothly.



  • Previous students rated the workload to be demanding.

  • João (Spring 2022): For sure the most demanding course is the Business Project as you will have internal team meetings and corporate meetings on a weekly basis which demand quite a lot of homework. Regarding Global Leadership, there is at least 1 assignment per week but it’s not a very dense type of work. As for Globalization and Development, there are several weekly reading and class discussions about them but they are extremely interesting!



  • Previous students rated the city life to be amazing.

  • Previous students rated the nightlife to be amazing.

  • João (Spring 2022): Cairo is like a country by itself! There are more than 30M people living in this city and it is similar to NY in the sense that it never sleeps. There are so many restaurants, bars, clubs, house parties and typical neighborhoods. There are also lots of monuments, bazaars and historical sights to visit. I am positive that even staying here for 2 semesters would not be enough to cover all there is to see!



  • Previous students said the CEMS cohort had around 15 students. 

  • Previous students rated the CEMS community to be amazing.

  • Previous students rated the CEMS Office to be ok.

  • João (Spring 2022): The CEMS cohort is not so big (we are currently 9 students), however all of us are getting along super well and we all come from very diverse backgrounds. The CEMS Club Cairo is always organizing nice events to get to know the city, socialize with locals and build relationships between its members. You should feel free to check our Instagram and message any of its current members for any queries you may have.



  • Previous students said it was easy to find accommodation.

  • João (Spring 2022): I have to say this was the point in which we struggled the most. We arrived to Cairo with only one week of Airbnb programmed as we thought we would be able to visit a few properties and find a definite one quite fast. It took longer than expected but we ended up finding the perfect apartment in Zamalek (3 bedrooms) for a super decent price. If you are planning to come check or message me and I will get you in touch with some super efficient brokers that can help you identify the best opportunities and help you negotiate with locals.


PRIce of one beer

  • Previous students said that living costs were much lower compared to Lisbon.

  • João (Spring 2022): Living cost in Cairo is quite cheap. To give you an idea one beer can vary from 25-100LE depending on the place where you go. An Uber from Zamalek to New Cairo ranges from 100-180LE. A pack of cigarettes is less than 40LE. You can get an amazing breakfast for 50LE and Turkish coffee for 10LE. Depending on where tou go for food (if you go to traditional local places) you will never spend more than 200LE for a feast!


João (Spring 2022)

Cairo is the Arab word for chaos. However, if at first you will strange it, after some days you will not want to leave this place. There are no rules and everything can be done!!

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