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University of Sydney Business School

The University of Sydney was admitted to CEMS in 2009 and was one of the first Non-European members of the alliance. As such it is a unique CEMS destination where you will receive a distinctly “Australian CEMS experience”. The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia and was established in 1850. As of 2020 it has 60, 000+ students, 6000+ staff and 270,000 alumni worldwide.

The University of Sydney Business School has 8000 students across undergraduate, masters and PhD programs and they are the only business school in Australia to hold both the coveted triple crown accreditation and CEMS membership.

The University of Sydney Business School emphasis is on experiential learning and reflects the fact that skills and attributes are best developed and exhibited in their application.


Camperdown NSW 2006, Sydney, Australia


Sydney, Australia

student feedback




  • Guilherme (Fall 2018): Some really interesting courses and professors at times. I took an agile course which was very dynamic and hands on and the advanced strategy professor was also quite good.

  • Mariana (Fall 2016): Very practical

  • Patricia (Spring 2014): Business project with QBE - an insurance company and a great corporate partner!



  • Guilherme (Fall 2018): Moderate at times, but not too intense. As always, it can very much change with the courses you take.

  • Mariana (Fall 2016): Less then Nova

  • Patricia (Spring 2014): Light



  • Guilherme (Fall 2018): Super dynamic, lots of neighborhoods fit for different styles

  • Mariana (Fall 2016): Amazing, best experience ever

  • Patricia (Spring 2014): Great! It is like a small version of New York! Great offer of activities, restaurants, sports and beaches!



  • Guilherme (Fall 2018): Very big CEMS cohort: about 100+ students. Lots of events and dynamic things

  • Mariana (Fall 2016): Amazing cohort, diverse and fun

  • Patricia (Spring 2014): Very active - Sydney is a city that allows for a very active CEMSie life



  • Guilherme (Fall 2018): Uni housing would be more expensive than just getting a room. Renting rooms would go very fast, you could easily see a room and move in the next day. Super expensive rent for a single room would tipically be over 250-300 AUD per week

  • Mariana (Fall 2016): Expensive, but avoid the student housing at all costs

  • Patricia (Spring 2014): Expensive - Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world! About €1000 a month for rent


PRIce of one beer

  • Guilherme (Fall 2018): . Beer would be about 6€

  • Mariana (Fall 2016): Expensive, but worth every penny! A beer is around 7AUD​


Mariana (Fall 2016)

Really amazing place, people, and Uni

Would do it again right now!! Just go and make sure to stay longer to travel around! Best semester guaranteed 

Guilherme (Fall 2018)

Patricia (Spring 2014)

Definitely worth it - if you can afford it! Sydney is a fun, vibrant city with a huge range of activities to cater for all interests. If you're into food, sports, beach, dancing, whatever it is, Sydney has it all!

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