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Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm, Sweden

SSE is the leading business school in Sweden founded over 110 years ago. We provide research-based education with a close tie to the business community and many of our researchers are among the leading figures in their respective fields.

SSE offers programs of the highest international standards, including Bachelor, Master, PhD, MBA and Executive Education programs. Our programs are developed in close cooperation with the research and business communities, which give our graduates great potential to attain leading positions in companies and other Organizations world-wide.



Sveavägen 65, P.O. Box 6501, Stockholm, Sweden


student feedback




  • Previous students rated the university a 4.3 out of 5 

  • Previous students rated the courses difficulty to be similar to Nova.

  • Previous students rated the Business Project difficulty to be moderate.

  • Catarina (Spring 2020): Several options for BPs (start ups, corporates like H&M, Deloitte, McKinsey). Courses both from SSE and CEMS 

  • João (Spring 2017): Very academic, great environment and learning experience 

  • Matteo (Fall 2017): Interesting approach. Lots of theory and more focus on individual work



  • Previous students rated the workload to be light.

  • Catarina (Spring 2020): Fairly ok, especially if you choose courses within the 1st term (same as Nova, meaning 1 trimester) and can therefore solely focus on BP and Nova’s thesis during term 2

  • João (Spring 2017): Considerable but okay

  • Matteo (Fall 2017): Heavy



  • Previous students rated the city life to be good.

  • Previous students rated the nightlife to be good.

  • Catarina (Spring 2020): Several clubs and bars to choose from, close to several nature parks (20/30 min by public transport) and closer to the summer you’ll be able to swim in lakes within the city

  • João (Spring 2017): Amazing

  • Matteo (Fall 2017): Not as vibrant as Lisbon



  • Previous students said the CEMS cohort had around 100 students. 

  • Previous students rated the CEMS community to be good.

  • Previous students rated the CEMS Office to be amazing.

  • Catarina (Spring 2020): The CEMS club is normally very active and you can also count on SASSE, the student association at SSE to organize several parties and banquets (a must when you come to Sweden)

  • João (Spring 2017): Great

  • Matteo (Fall 2017): Not as vibrant as NOVA



  • Previous students said it was very easy to find accommodation. 

  • Catarina (Spring 2020): Most likely you’ll end up in either saltis or lappis. Saltis is close to uni (2 min walk) and only exchange students stay there. Same goes with lappis, even though it is a bit farer away (15/20 min by public transport)

  • João (Spring 2017): It was great with residency near the school but I believe this has changed

  • Matteo (Fall 2017): Great. They will provide accommodation for exchange students


PRIce of one beer

  • Previous students said that living costs were higher compared to Lisbon. 

  • Catarina (Spring 2020): Quite expensive compared to Portugal…. Unfortunately there’s no way around it. Plan ahead the weekly meals as much as you can so you can afford some beers at a bar, they normally come at 7€, even though you may find a few bars selling them for 4€. The sale of alcohol is monopolized by the government in Sweden, and it is only sold in a chain called systembolaget with fairly strict opening hours (closes at 19h during the week and is totally closed on sundays). There you can find beer for €1-€2 a beer, also depending on the type with quite a huge variety. In some stores you’ll be able to find Super Bock (:

  • João (Spring 2017): High

  • Matteo (Fall 2017): High, €7 for a beer


Catarina (Spring 2020)

João (Spring 2017)

Just come and see it for yourself. Won’t regret it!

Strongly beneficial if you wish to experience a different culture

Liked it so much I ended up living and working in Stockholm 

Matteo (Fall 2017)

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