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Korea University Business School

Founded in 1905 as the department of plutology, Korea University Business School (KUBS) was the first business educational institute to be established in the nation. KUBS is the center of business research in Korea as well as a cradle for the fostering of leaders who contribute to the development of the country and the people.

Currently in the 21st century, KUBS has gone beyond being the best in Korea to becoming a world-class business school. After being the first in the nation to earn 5-year re-accreditations for both AACSB and EQUIS, the two most prestigious international business education accreditations, KUBS has also ranked No. 38 in an average of the past three years in UK “Financial Times (FT) Global Top 100 Executive MBA Rankings” (No. 1 in Korea), reaffirming its international positioning in the world.


Rm 307, KUBS Main Building, Seoul, Republic of Korea (South)


Seoul, Republic of Korea (South)

student feedback




  • Friedrich (Spring 2020): GMP, Innovation + BP with LG

  • Esmee (Spring 2019): Some are really easy, but if you want to learn something take the finance course about valuations. It goes in dept on financial statements, very good and challenging class.



  • Friedrich (Spring 2020): Low

  • Esmee (Spring 2019): Depending on the courses you choose, it can be anywhere from quite light to quite heavy.



  • Friedrich (Spring 2020): Seoul is a vibrant place full of adventure, young people and sick nightlife

  • Esmee (Spring 2019): Awesome! supermarkets are quite expensive if you buy European food. Interesting culture, loads of bars and clubs. Not cheap though



  • Friedrich (Spring 2020): Great community living together in off campus residence Crimson house

  • Esmee (Spring 2019): Small group of people, you mix with the MBA students and the university organizes nice (food) events too.



  • Friedrich (Spring 2020): Crimson house is where you need to stay for sure

  • Esmee (Spring 2019): Most people lived in Crimson house and a few in Alive (if that is the correct name). I found it the least comfortable housing experience I've had, but the atmosphere within the group made up for that. At Crimson you live in a small flat with small rooms on each side of the corridors. Showers are shared at the end of the hallway. There is one kitchen for about 40 people, but most people don't cook.


PRIce of one beer

  • Friedrich (Spring 2020): Rent was 300-500€ - beer is about as expensive as in germany but drinks in bars and clubs are way cheper. Gin tonics 3€ and well then there is soju which is cheaper than water 

  • Esmee (Spring 2019): Housing was about 550 euros. I don't drink beer, but a bottle of Soju is about 1 euro. Beers are more like 5.


Esmee (Spring 2019)

Really cool cultural experience. Still friends with some of the people in my cohort. Would do it again!

Friedrich (Spring 2020)

Best time ever - great community, great landscape, great travel options, amazing and vibrant city that wont disappoint - and koreans are super cute and polite

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